Our website translators can help you grow your international client base

Website translation

Are you looking to get your web presence translated? Do your overseas clients fail to understand your products or services? Do you need your blog translating into more than one language?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then you need look no further. At Language Linx we have over 20,000 qualified web translators who are trained in the language of your particular business sector and understand all terminology, slogans, social media lingo and common turns of phrase so that your website is accurately translated and fully localised to the languages you require.

If you need your website translating into more than one language that’s no problem at all as our experienced account managers can assemble teams of translators overseen by a project manager who will ensure your web pages are quickly and seamlessly translated within your designated deadline.

Many of our web translators are registered with important leading bodies such as IoL and ITI and as such have passed important translation exams so you know you’re always in safe hands. As well as this, we make sure all our translators undergo strict vetting of their skills and qualifications before joining us and we can even let you have copies of their resume or registered interpreter numbers if you require them for your additional security.

Quality is at the heart of what we do, which is why we operate strict quality control procedures on all our translation projects to ensure work is translated accurately and to the desired quality guidelines. Before delivering your work, your project manager will make sure all web content is fully quality approved, checked and clearly formatted in line with your original website design and layout. This ensures no mistakes are made and the website is ready to use for your international clients right away.

Our translators work with the very latest industry CATS tools such as terminology databases and translation memory so that your work is always translated on time and cost effectively produced to help save you important time and money. Translation memory works by using a database of words and phrases that reference pre-translated text so that similar sentences and paragraphs of text don’t need translating from scratch – saving you as much as up to 30% in translation fees.

For more information on our web translation services, please speak with a booking consultant on (888) 2030 656 or email us at info@languagelinx.com