Online cultural training lets you work at your own pace

Online cultural training

Save important time and resources with Language Linx online cultural training

Language Linx provides online cultural training for busy people on the go who require a high degree of flexibility in their working lives. Our online cultural awareness courses are designed with you in mind and can be completed at your own pace wherever you like.

We have partnered with a number of experienced online cultural training providers who will carry out a needs assessment before you begin. Once we have established your training goals and desired outcomes, you will be given an online mentor who will help you understand how to navigate the course, its tools and features and will act as you main point of contact should you require further assistance.

How you learn

You will use a combination of online training demos and instructor led tuition supplemented by learner forums where you can discuss the work, ask questions and share opinions with other students. You will also complete a series of online assessments usually after each module and receive constructive feedback from your online tutor who is always available to answer any queries or provide advice should you require it.

Online vs Offline

By logging into your account, you can quickly access your online cross-cultural training course whenever you like whether in the office, on the train, in the airport or in the comfort of your own home. And if you don’t have access to the internet or find it easier working offline, we can provide you with the same course on CD that you can easily use anywhere – on the train, the tube, in the car – wherever you like.