We provide quality in-house training in over 100 languages

Training services

Cost effective training packages

We tailor a package to suit the individual or company need taking into account your language ability, the standard required, time constraints and budget so that we fit around YOUR needs not our own.

As a language company we support diversity and like to encourage others to become more ethically aware. Although we offer all languages, we have continued to specialise in rare African and Arabic languages such as Susu, Tigre, Crio, Persian and Sudanese Arabic. We can now provide training packages in over 70 rare languages. Language training can be delivered on the company premises or at a training venue of your choice, including special or themed venues. Our prices are reflective of any specialist content and requirements.
Language Linx offers a variety of training packages in most major languages to suit both corporate and individual needs

Corporate group training

  • Ideal for groups at a similar level or with a shared need
  • Short-term or in-depth courses available
  • Highly economical, great team builder, multi-cultural enhancer
  • Small groups 2-12 max, enhanced learning, regular tutor feedback and support
  • Relevant, themed modules or choose your own content
  • Course content emailed to absent participants
  • Follow-up courses/strategies available

One-to-one courses

  • Suitable for busy individuals with tight schedules and intensive training needs
  • Courses tailored to your exact level and ability, increased focus, quick progression
  • We work closely with you to set the correct level and nature of your training
  • Flexible timing, courses can be re-scheduled within 24 hours
  • Full trainer support and feedback; courses can be quickly adapted for the individual

Language and Cross-cultural training

  • Improve your current knowledge and become more multi-culturally aware
  • Flexible timings for busy individuals, intensive or longer courses available
  • Modules designed around you, pre-defined learning goals, technical/subject-specific content
  • Our bespoke course content or choose your own material
  • 24 hour re-scheduling or additional sessions arranged at reasonably short notice
  • Ongoing tutor support, mid and end course assessments, regular performance feedback
  • Emailed course updates and material on missed lessons

Please speak to an account manager for further details on how we can tailor a training programme to suit your needs.