Reliable face to face interpreters know your industry inside out

Face to face interpreting

Language Linx can provide over 20,000 highly trained and experienced consecutive or face to face interpreters for any public or private sector interpretation. By translating into over 350 world and rare languages, we have the know-how to help you interpret any kind of European business meeting or seminar from client meetings and interviews, business forums and market research, presentations and open days, receptions and social events, medical assessments and legal meetings, housing appointments and government meetings.

While many of our consecutive interpreters are affiliated to world leading interpreting organisations such as IoL and ITI for your ultimate peace of mind, we also ensure our interpreters abide by the industry code of professional conduct as well as our own confidentiality agreement that helps prevent the unlawful disclosure of your private information to any outside party without your express consent.

We believe in helping you save money as far as possible, which is why we always try to provide local consecutive interpreters wherever we can so that all mileage and travel time expenses are kept to a minimum. This also helps ensure your interpreter does not have fat to travel and will arrive in good time for you meeting as well as helping to cut damaging carbon emissions that make for a greener and healthier planet.

We totally understand that there are those occasions when you need someone right away, which is why we try and provide a round the clock service right though evenings, week-end and public holidays to attend to your every interpreting requirement.

If you have regular or ongoing needs, we can even arrange for the same consecutive interpreter to assist your meetings or appointments. Our linguist will act as your very own resident interpreter, attending to your business needs both on your company premises or accompanying you to external meetings for as long as you require them. If you need your interpreter to accompany you to the airport or to an out of hours business function, that’s also no problem – we’re here to make life as easy for you and your international business partners as possible – there’s nothing we cannot do.

For more information about consecutive interpreters or to make a booking, please speak to a member of our team on (888) 2030 656 or email us at