Sucessfully close important business deals with our business etiquette training

Business etiquette

Be successful on the international playing field with Language Linx business etiquette training

We provide comprehensive business etiquette training for most foreign cultures through our dedicated full day or taster seminars that aim to prepare you with the necessary insider knowledge for successful business negotiations overseas. If you travel regularly abroad, have dealings with overseas partners or subsidiaries or meet international clients in the EU, our business etiquette training can help you make better sense of the culture, business and social norms of the overseas country so you are better placed for success.

Business etiquette courses provide:

  • An understanding of the socio-cultural norms of the target country
  • Tips on essential business etiquette such as meeting and greeting clients, dining, exchanging business cards and gifts and conduct negotiations
  • How to develop trust, win respect and successfully close a business deal

Business etiquette training will help you to understand: how to present yourself more appropriately, what makes your overseas client or counterpart tick, how to appeal to them on an individual and business level and how to get what you want while respecting their customs and traditions.

Language Linx Business etiquette courses help you prepare the foundations for lasting inter-cultural business relationships, strengthen your individual and company’s identity and make the right impression with your overseas partners.