Learn everyday 'essential' business negotiation skills with our inter-cultural business negotiation training

Inter-cultural business negotiation skills

If you are looking to develop strong negotiation skills in your overseas market, our half day course in inter-cultural business negotiation will equip you with all you need to know about differences in business etiquette and culture, and how to successfully negotiate what you want without upsetting the status quo while leaving the door open for further discussions if necessary.

Aimed at any business leader, sales executive or company director who is preparing to travel overseas either for the first time or as a regular part of their job, or for those planning to receive international visitors in their own country, ‘Successful Inter-cultural Business Negotiation’ will teach you essential, everyday negotiation skills we all should know if we are to understand the many varied dynamics of bargaining and selling to a different culture.

The course can be customised to the individual culture and business style of your preferred country or target market. As with most of our courses, training is delivered in-house on your company premises, or if you prefer, we can make arrangements with the training venue of your choice.

What you study

  • Business etiquette for meeting, greeting, dining, exchanging gifts, body language and entertaining
  • How to prepare a successful case for your business negotiation, what information you many need and how to approach your meeting, dinner or reception
  • How to use supporting facts, data and statistical information to enhance your negotiations
  • Look carefully at how cross-cultural differences impact on business negotiation and an examination of different negotiation techniques such as how to kick start a negotiation, understanding your counterpart’s needs, questioning techniques, bartering, seeking and handling unwanted concessions, repackaging proposals, breaking stalemates, avoiding deadlock, and how to close a deal.

What you will get out of it

On completion of Successful Inter-cultural Business Negotiation, you should leave satisfied in the knowledge that you can now competently handle any type of business negotiation in your overseas territory, and feel confident that you understand sufficiently how to approach buyers, sellers, distributors and partner firms to succeed in closing a deal.

The course will be supplemented by various hand-outs, presentation slides, and notes as well as an end of course assessment so you can test your new skills and knowledge of inter-cultural negotiation.

Our inter-cultural business experts know their stuff

Our half day seminars are always brought to you by our own experienced tutors in inter-cultural business negotiation who have considerable experience in the culture, language, and business etiquette of the country or region you require.

We always hand pick only the best tutors in cross-cultural business communications who are highly qualified and satisfy our strict criteria for business and inter-cultural knowledge, as well as teaching expertise.

To book your Successful Inter-cultural Business Negotiation Skills course today, just call an account manager on (888) 2030 656, go online, or simply email: info@languagelinx.com