Professional sign language interpreters won't let you down

Sign language

Language Linx provide professional sign language interpreters for most European languages and dialects for any kind of deaf or hard of hearing request.

In today’s open and socially inclusive society you are more likely to find qualified sign language interpreters intervene in a wide range of both public and private sector situations from legal appointments, court hearings, government meetings, social services appointments, medical assessments, hospital appointments, school and university interviews, housing and immigration meetings, sales appointments, buyer meetings, conferences and police interviews.

It is commonly held that sign languages are the same all over the world when in fact each country has its own unique sign language although some sign languages may share similarities, for e.g Irish and Irish sign languages are very similar and some countries may have more than one. According to the 2013 edition of Ethnologue there are around 137 sign languages across the world.

Our European sign language interpreters are fully vetted by our in-house team for their skills and experience and also undergo DBS checks (formerly CRB) and come with a minimum of 1 year’s relevant interpreting experience and two clean references.

We make a point of only working with interpreters who belong to known sign language interpreting associations in their own country as well as belonging to WASLI – The World Association of Sign Language Interpreters that takes care of sign language experts all over the world.

For more information about consecutive interpreters or to make a booking, please speak to a member of our team on (888) 2030 656 or email us at